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Welcome to Kitewing – Hand Held Wings

Welcome to the Kitewing website – we are glad that you are here.

The Kitewing is a hand held wingsail designed for sailing on low friction surfaces. Sail over ice and snow with skates and skis, pavement with skateboards or rollerblades, mountainboards on beach or desert – it is all Kitewing terrain.


The Kitewing folds and travels easily in a lightweight ski bag. Bring the wing on
ski trips to expand your options. With a wing, a wind blown lake or field becomes
a playground. The Kitewing can be set up or stowed in minutes. The SK8 skate
sail stows within a 42 inch bag which can be slung over the shoulder or stowed
in a day pack.

Safe & Maneuverable

“No strings attached” means that a Kitewing can sail in small places. The wing is
not a kite. The wing is held in your hands. You can let go of it instantly. The
Kitewing opens up new possibilities of fun, travel and adventure to you and your

New for 2017 season

  • Limited production of the 4.6 wing.
  • Kitewing 4.6 is an all Dacron wing with the latest performance upgrades including laced reflex and improved frame geometry. The new 4.6 is the first wing with a reflex center batten.
  • The Kitewing 3.0 is back. Diminutive but powerful the Kitewing 3.0 is the easiest wing to sail. A great choice for beginners and kids. It is also the fastest wing.
  • New Files page where you can access PDF files pertinent to tuning and wing set up. Files