Hand Held Wings

Lightweight wings that provide unlimited boosts of power and total control

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Welcome to Kitewing – Hand Held Wings

Welcome to the all new Kitewing website- we are glad that you are here.
This is where the spirit of the wind lives, and we hope that you will come in and look around.

The Kitewing is a hand held wingsail designed for sailing on low friction surfaces. Ice and snow with skates and skis, pavement with skateboards or rollerblades, mountainboards on beach or desert- it is all Kitewing country. Take a look at our media section to see wings in action, browse the shop to get an idea of pricing, and don’t forget that Kitewing strives to supply a variety of products related to personal sailing.

Come on in, and stay a while- you’ll be glad you did.


Grab a wing for maximum lift, and full speed. Low friction sailing with a wing lets you rock the zone between your sailing surface and the air rushing over it. Mountain boards, ice skates, snowboards, rollerblades, and skis provide the perfect interface between moving air and the ground beneath. Feel the power, love the lift, experience the evenhanded stability.


The wing folds and travels easily in a lightweight ski bag. Take it with you on ski trips to expand your options. Windy or icy conditions can ruin a ski vacation. With a wing, a wind blown lake or field becomes a playground. Stay home for local sessions on a local field, lake, or golf course.

Safe & Maneuverable

“No strings attached” means that a wing can sail in small places, close to trees, and without fear of sudden uncontrollable bursts or violent launchings. The wing lets you safely master the wind, and fly where you want to sail- with you in control. Drop it to Stop it! Kitewing opens up new possibilities of fun, travel and adventure to you and your family.