Skate sails are a new division of Kitewing. They are smaller, lighter and very efficient sails primarily for ice but can be used on hard snow as well. The SK8 has been in our line for the last several years and has been a great tool in learning the skills for skate sailing. The sport has grown and the need for bigger lighter more efficient sails was desired.

2022 brings new and exciting skate sails.

First is a upgraded version of the SK8. The SK821, basically the same as the SK8 but now includes 3 batten pockets. Also added tack tensioner.

Second is the all new Skimbat. Designed with nordic skaters in mind. Skimbat sails in the lightest breezes with quick precise handling. Folks seeking a performance skate sail need search no further. Skimbat takes down quickly to a 60 inch roll which can be strapped to a pack or simply carried. Standard sail is Dacron. Lighter  Dyneema sails are available for a limited time upon request.