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skateboard windsail
skateboard windsail

The New SK8 is here!

Grab your smallest sail and fly! The new SK8 by Kitewing is your most easily deployed personal power source. When conditions are right, this nifty little hand held sail has everything that you need to harvest the power of the wind.

Out for a skate on fresh black ice? Take the SK8.
Riding the boardwalk on blades or a board? Take the SK8.
Never used a hand held sail before? Take the SK8.
Too windy for a kite or a wing? Take the SK8

Even if you already own a wing, the SK8 is the perfect compliment for those times when conditions are marginal- on both ends of the scale. Too much wind? Take the SK8.
Skating in near calm? Take the SK8.

The SK8 is a low cost hand held sail that uses Kitewing’s proprietary technology to harness the wind in a way that won’t break your budget, or weigh you down. With the convenient shoulder strap bag, you don’t notice that you’re wearing a SK8 until you need it- then it is just 60 seconds to set up.
Grab a SK8- the ultimate touring tool!